Kiteboarding in Charleston, SC

My buddy Adam Beguelin invited me to go Kiteboarding with him and a couple of other guys in Charleston, SC.  Our teacher was a guy named Davey Blair, a professional Kiteboarder.  Adam met Davey at the MaiTai Conference in Hawaii.

Before we flew out Davey sent us this must watch video to get us fired up.  Davey is a great guy and a total stud.  It was amazing to watch what he could do on a board.  Unlike many people who are among the very best in the world at what they do he was also a great teacher.  If you want to learn how to Kiteboard I highly recommend Davey.  You can contact him here.  Plus, Charleston (Chucktown in Davey speak) is an awesome city.

Anyway,  we had a great time.  I learned to Kiteboard and am now seriously hooked.  Time to bust out the credit card and gear up!  The following are some pics Davey and his crew took:


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