2009 – December – Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico – Dec 7-14, 2009

In December 2009 Holly and I went to Puerto Rico for a wedding.  Tom Crossan, a close high school friend of my Wife’s brother Nick Wiebe married a native Puerto Rican woman named Lisa.   Holly’s parents and Nick’s wife Deanna rounded out the expedition party and we weren’t disappointed.  Puerto Rico rocks!

Lisa’s dad is way high up in the Puerto Rican government and the wedding was held at his insanely great crib up in the mountains.   There were a bunch of really cool and interesting people at the wedding.  Her dad poured some exquisite Argentinian Malbecs, and many of the couples really knew how to Salsa.   Puerto Rican food is surprisingly good.  It isn’t spicy like the Mexican food us Californians are used to, but really subtle and tasty  nonetheless.

I had several interesting discussions with Puerto Ricans regarding the question of whether Puerto Rico should become a state, become its own country, or maintain the status quo (a confusing condition which I find baffling).  The Puerto Ricans are really divided on the issue.   Hilariously, Lisa thinks many Puerto Ricans would vote for statehood if they could still have their own Miss Universe contestant.  Apparently Puerto Rico has a few winners and getting crowned is the penultimate honor.

Highlights of the trip:

  • Kayaking in the bio bay (it was like being in the movie Avatar – no kidding).  We paddled from an ocean bay, up a glowing phosphorescent river, and into the bio bay which glitters with phosphorescence every time your paddle hits the water or a fish moves.  One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  My favorite single experience on this trip.
  • Body surfing at sunset during the rehearsal BBQ.  Sublime.  Holly’s family is all from Spokane and it was the first time many of them had bodysurfed.
  • The incredible Spanish fortresses overlooking the San Juan harbor – crack for this history junkie.
  • Old San Juan walking tour – this town is old and cool.
  • Smoking cigars with a bunch of youngish Puerto Rican business guys at the wedding.
  • El Yunque jungle hike
  • Touring the Bacardi factory (who knew that Bacardi is considered crap by everyone but gringos –  Don Q is the rum of choice by hip Puerto Ricans)
  • The native brew is called Medalla.  We drank a bunch of these suckers.  Not bad at all.

Overall I liked Puerto Rico far more than I expected.

Slideshow coming soon.

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